Lebanon’s Bioland: From the Farm to the Table


Apparently Lebanon’s Henri Bou Obeid is starting an organic revolution. Bioland, the leading organic food provider, that Obeid owns, has been farming up a green movement for over 10 years. Obeid and his team are trying to manifest their farm-fresh values into a new eatery and social center on an eco-friendly grange. The remote Batroun farm is home to the new eatery which has geese and chickens and rabbits everywhere. Goats hang out in a pen down the way, and buzzing bees chill near the honeycombs. Peach trees fill the greenery, and olive trees too. Everything on the farm is certified organic and grown right in front of Obeid, his team and his family. At present, Bioland is becoming a movement which consists of a shop in East Beirut’s Ashrafieh, more than 190,000 square meters of farmland, a growing network of organic producers across the Chouf and northern Lebanese regions, and now this farm restaurant. There is more to the story so catch yourself up on this greenery at The Daily Star.

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