Ramadan has nothing to do with it


Rais M’Bolhi was the man of the Algerian-German match earlier this week. He repeatedly thwarted German efforts to score in normal time before Andre Schuerrle and Mesut Ozil scored extra-time goals to allow Germany to advance. M’Bolhi says Ramadan is not to blame. Most of the team are observing the Muslim month of fasting which started last week. That means they would only be able to drink water late in the first-half. The goalie doesn’t think it was a factor. They were prepared and he thinks they performed. No one saw the Algerians coming like they came. With no excuses, M’Bolhi knows he and his team were a part of Algerian football history; a part of history really. The Algerians should be proud and you should read more at Dawn.com.

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