More Synagogues in Algeria


Synagogues and churches may make a come back in Algeria since the 1990’s. The Religious Affairs Minister, Mohamad Aissa, has been iterating a welcoming to Jews and Christians in Algeria. In order to show this to be true, the ministry has been preparing a bill to grant minorities access to places where they worship. It seems that the point is to send a message to Jewish people to say that Algeria is diverse and accepts all types of cultures. The places of worship will be provided extra security, as well. Right now, there are already 25 synagogues in Algeria but Salafists in the country reject the government’s decisions. In fact, they protested in Algiers earlier this month and described the integration of minorities as a serious threat to Algerian society and culture. Luckily, most Algerians don’t agree with the Salafist viewpoint. Read more about this at All Africa.

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