Queen Rania Shuts It Down

Granted this isn’t the most high definition video, it is Queen Rania of Jordan’s official statement on the ongoings in Gaza. What she has to say is important because it frames the conflict in terms of the international laws that countries around the world deem to be customary. That means that when many countries act in accordance with a certain virtue, over time, that virtue becomes international law. Universal human rights, especially in terms of protecting children, are either universal or they are incomplete. Gaza is an example of how, as a human race, we are failing to complete the universality of these customary laws for children. A child should not be a regular or foreseeable casualty of war. There is definitely a difference between collateral damage and targeted killing, and it seems that Gazan children are being killed in too high a number to be considered collateral damage to Operation Protective Edge. Especially when the war started from teenagers being kidnapped and killed on both sides.