Israel bombs Ice Cream

Palestinian employees work at al- Awda ice cream factory

Last week Israel fired more than ten tank shells at an ice cream and cookie factory in Deir al-Balah in central Gaza which started a fire that lasted through the night. Hundreds of people are out of work and vital medicine stocks stored in the building have been destroyed. Rescue teams were unable to reach the factory for two consecutive days. Where modern machines were once put to work, the machinery has been silenced and destroyed. The Al-Awda Factory had been standing in the same location for 40 years and it produced sweets for local and international markets. The factory was one of the long-standing markers of Gaza’s economy. The factory had employed 500 people who worked in two shifts, so it supported thousands of family members. This factory isn’t the only one which has been the target of Israel’s current campaign. In fact, a carbonated drinks factory in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood in southeastern Gaza City and a carton factory in the middle of Nuseirat were also damaged by the IDF. Israel has also bombed power plants and power lines as well. The largest problem is that the Palestinian Red Crescent Society had stored two truck-loads of rare medication in the large refrigerators. Now those medicines cannot be salvaged. Read more about this situation at the Electronic Intifada.

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