Creepers on the Bridge

In Egypt, two young women, Tinne Van Loon and Colette Ghunim have created a short video called Creepers on the Bridge to show the daily harassment that young women face, and are creating a Kickstarter campaign to fund a longer length documentary, titled Benat l-Nass (The People’s Girls). Using an iPhone, Colette Ghunim filmed around her as she walked across Qasr l-Nile bridge in Cairo. Ghunim pretended to be speaking on the phone, but was secretly recording the men around her and their reactions as she passed. The subsequent short video was set to the popular song “A3akes Ah At7rash La2″ by Sadat & Fifty, which translates to “Flirting, Yes, Harassment, No.”  The video went viral, and was featured on Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and the young women did an interview with Egyptian Streets. Read their full interview on Egyptian Streets here, and check out their Kickstarter Campaign and their new trailer here.

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