The Green Prince

Nadav Schirman‘s “The Green Prince” is a documentary thriller about Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian recruited as a spy by the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency and his Israeli handler. Mr. Yousef actually wrote a memoir entitled, “Son of Hamas”, which inspired this film. He was never a jihadist, but his father being the founder of Hamas, Hassan Yousef, made him a prize for Israeli intelligence. While he gleaned information, he was given protection. His codename was the Green Prince. The film goes between Gonen ben Yitzhak, his Israeli handler, and the Green Prince in a he-said/he-said format. The film is basically a large re-enactment with reminiscing. Mr. Yousef deals with the concept of shame as a narrative embedded in his story. Whether it was how he was raped as a child or whether its about his sense of shame for betraying his family and the Palestinian cause, Yousef deals with these themes throughout. The story is fascinating because it shows exactly how Yousef is seduced by the Shin Bet while sustaining a thrilling level, doing away, however, with dispassionate objectivity. Read more at the New York Times and the trailer is from Shanyasmin on vimeo.

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