Egyptian Wedding Rave is a thing

On the desert outskirts of Cairo in a El Salaam City, a sound that VICE calls “a diesel-powered new sound, carried afloat by one thousand rave sirens, cracked copies of FruityLoops and Auto-Tune, 75 years of Egyptian chaabi wedding music tradition, digital dancehall, grime, R&B, and the updraft caused by several hundred whirling tea towels.” When John Doran and his friend Joost Heijthuijsen went to Cairo and El Salaam City, they tried to track down Islam Chipsy, the Keyboard King of Egypt. His playing style was unique. Chipsy would punch, karate chop and slap his keyboard. His YouTube videos show him flanked by two drummers playing dancehall and soca rhythms at around 16 beats per minute. Read John Doran’s account at VICE and get the whole album on sound cloud at the same place. Also, watch the video above.

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