Halalcohol is happening. Halal wine has been released in Dubai with a 24-carat edible gold leaf. It is called “Lussory” wine and is halal because it contains zero alcohol. The grapes are from La Mancha, Spain and is somehow made the “exact same way” as regular wine or champagne. Apparently there is so much demand for imbibing without actually imbibing, that not only is there halal wine but also halal whiskey too!

A Florida based distillery called Scottish Spirits Ltd has created “ArKay” whiskey. Produced in factories in Panama, ArKay is water based with chemicals and flavors added. It will go on sale December 1st and will cost the British  £10 a bottle and £4 for a can. It is being marketed for those with medical conditions or religious beliefs that prohibit alcohol consumption.

Whiskey distillers in Scotland are not happy about the alcohol free creation. ArKay is being marketed as having a whiskey taste with no alcohol for those who are sober or worried about drinking and driving. The fact of the matter is that because it has been halal certified it can potentially make a killing around the Muslim world, which is, in all fairness, about 2/7ths of the entire world. The problem whiskey connoisseurs are having is that real whiskey is not possible without alcohol.

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