Zusha, the Hasidic trio


Zusha, the Jewish band, is made up of three members: Shlomo Ari Gaisin, 23, Elisha Mlotek, 24, and Zachariah Goldshmiedt, 22. They are neo-Hasidic dudes with passion for their Jewish flare of music. The three commit to the idea that their flare isn’t so simple, however. True Hasidism is what the band is striving for. The Hasidic movement began by Rabbi Ba’al Shem Tov. Many believe he rejuvenated the faith of Judaism by spreading authenticity and the pursuit of happiness. Zusha doesn’t necessarily want to be labeled a Jewish band, but their roots speak loudly. Ultimately, the band is trying to connect to what it is like to be a person first.

The band’s self-released, self-titled EP, which comes out on October 28th, is half wordless. Although, not necessarily voiceless. Gaisin says he believes that some emotions can be reached by sound but not necessarily through words. Repetitive melodies fill the tracks and it is easy to hear what he means. Listen to the band’s single, “Yoel’s Niggun” which is named after niggunim, a form of Jewish music popular in the Hasidic community.

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