PKK Claims responsibility for November 7 shooting in Turkey


The outlawed PKK claimed responsibility on November 8 for the shooting of 22-year old Abdullah Budak in Cizre. Reports indicate that Budak was killed by the PKK-affiliated Patriotic Youth Movement (YDG-H), who distributed pamphlets throughout Cizre claiming responsibility for the attack. The YDG-H claimed that Budak, a relative of former Cizre Mayor Aydin Budak, was an agent of the Turkish government, while also stating that they will continue to launch attacks on government employees and institutions until “all agents are cleansed from Kurdistan.

The pamphlet of responsibility stated that “The agent named Abdullah Budak was punished with death on Nov. 7, 2014 by us after he was determined to have been serving as an agent. He had confirmed that he was an agent and had confessed to his past deeds during his earlier questioning. On this basis, we expect our people to show a radical stance against all agents.”

The shooting incident in Cizre came just two weeks after the YDG-H declared autonomy in several areas of Cizre during a military-style parade through the town on October 25. The claim of autonomy came with a threat that Turkish soldiers and police would no longer be allowed in the city’s Sur, Nur, and Cudi neighborhoods.

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