Anonymous Threatens Israel with new Cyberattack

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The hacker group, which has staged an annual #OpIsrael cyberattack against Israeli military, banking, and public institutions, has announced a new cyberoperation against Israel which is slated to take place on November 14. The operation, which is likely to be led by leading Tunisian and Turkish members of the hacktivist collective, is being launched in response to “Repeated Israeli attacks on the al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem”.

In this context, the video released by the group on November 12 warning of such an operation marks a notable development in the iconography of the group; for the first time, Anonymous has rebrandished its original logo with classical Arab swords, a hallmark of jihadist groups.

While the logo change is unlikely to hint at larger geopolitical changes within the hacker collective, which in many ways is past its prime, Friday’s planned attack against Israeli websites is unlikely to have a significant effect on the country’s digital infrastructure. During last April’s #OpIsrael, hackers only managed to briefly disrupt the Education Ministry and Postal Service websites, while also publishing a list of phone numbers and email addresses of low-level Israeli bureaucrats.

Ultimately, given Israel’s standing as one of the world’s eminent digital superpowers, as well as Anonymous’ lackluster homemade DDoS tactics, Israeli cybersecurity countermeasures will likely prevent Anonymous hackers from penetrating any sensitive digital materials. While on the ground Israel will continue to struggle to contain the recent wave of violence which has unfolded throughout Jerusalem and the West Bank, it appears as though the government will maintain its stronghold over the digital arena, particularly as it swiftly deals with a myriad of pimple-faced Middle Eastern teenagers.

Watch the video here.

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