Qandeel, the Saudi artist


Abdullah Qandeel, a Saudi artist who attended the same academy as Prince William and Harry, has taken his art to the next level. He just sold a piece to Sotheby’s Doha for $209,000. The painting is called, “My Enemy Within” and it has gained him notoriety. Here is something Qandeel has said:

When it comes down to my art my ideas are universal and simple, I just focus on subject matters that are necessary to discuss today and are important for positive social development. I have an opportunity and a moral obligation as an artist to intelligently entice a dialogue, a pure dialogue that cannot be influenced by anyone. I am not worried about ideas; I am focused on finding a beautiful form in order for the ideas to shine (Abdullah Qandeel in conversation with Jamie Martinez, ‘A Couple of Questions for Artist Abdullah Qandeel’, Art Fuse Magazine, 16 November 2013, online ed.

While the artist made headlines for his sale, he made headlines again for his celebration. As he was enjoying a Halloween night with his buddies, a sudden inspiration hit him. He painted a mural all over the hotel room at 6 Columbus Hotel in New York. When he went down the next day, the hotel called the police when they saw paint all over his bathrobe.

Qandeel said “I think they don’t like art,” because he thinks it is worth at least $1.5 million.

Check out some more of his amazing work below, and follow him on Instagram theqandeel for an insight into his life and work. And his website

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