Kuwait and their stateless Bedouins

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Kuwait’s government is considering giving the Bidoon, a group of stateless Arabs whom descend from the nomadic Bedouins (a desert-dwelling ethnically Arab group), citizenship in Comoros–an African nation that is about 3,000 miles away from where they come from. There are about 108,000 applications for citizenship from the Biddon which are decidedly illegal residents to the Kuwait government. The problem is that the Bidoon have historically been denied proper documentation by the Kuwaitis which has subsequently limited them from education and employment.

Citizenship in Comoros will mean that the Bidoon must renounce their claims for citizenship in Kuwait, but will allow them residence permits in the country. Ultimately, this is probably about oil, wealth and greed. The Kuwaiti government obviously does not want to divvy up the oil. The rentier state system, which means the government pays citizens from the wealth they have inherited from natural resources, will not be applied to non-citizens.

The Bidoon who are undocumented also have no access to basic medical treatment or housing as well. They can literally be deported at any moment. Comoros is a chain of islands off the southeast coast of Africa between Madagascar and Mozambique. Read more about this at VICE.

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