All male “women’s conference”


This is an image of the conference in Saudi Arabia on the topic of “women in society”, but not a single female is in attendance. The image has gone viral because obviously it is ridiculous. Row upon row of men in traditional dish-dashas fill the conference. The picture was originally published in the Saudi newspaper Okaz last year. The conference was held at the University of Qassim and was attended by 15 countries. Women’s rights are a controversy in the Gulf kingdom. For instance, religious police only recently lifted a ban on women riding motorbikes and bicycles as long as they are fully covered and accompanied by a male relative. It is also illegal for women to travel abroad without a male and they can only go alone if their “guardian” agrees by signing a document known as the yellow sheet. It was only two years ago when people found out that the government in Saudi Arabia were being electronically monitored through text messages so that husbands and family could be informed of their whereabouts. This picture isn’t fresh or new, but the world should see the reality of the situation as often as possible. How else can it be improved?

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