Uber in Cairo

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Cairo gets Uber. Commuting in Cairo’s traffic can actually take not only a lot of time, but can stress out a driver in ways that most other cities around the world can’t boast. Right now, Uber Cairo is in a testing phase so while cars can be requested, there will be limited availability. The Zamalek, Mohandesin and Giza areas will probably be the areas mostly served until the official launch. If you get a ride during this testing phase in Cairo, then share your experience on Twitter with @Uber_Cairo. Luckily, Uber is promising to figure out the transportation obstacles that are unique to Cairo, so they will be testing and analyzing while also making adjustments. The picture below  is Madame Essad Younis, the long-time actress, author and media producer who helped Egypt on the cinematic map. For more go to Uber.

madame younis