On-flight Falcons


Lufthansa airlines is about to allow passengers to travel with falcons. Travelers will be able to take their hunting birds onboard in a device called the “Falcon Master” tray. The point of this new regulation will be to attract Middle East customers where falconry is popular. For instance, the UAE runs wild conservation projects and breeding farms and veterinary hospitals for falcons. Hunting with falcons has been going on for centuries in the desert and the birds are used as symbols.

Hunting has been restricted lately, and many affluent Emiratis travel to Morocco, Pakistan and Central Asia to hunt. The Falcon Master allows owners to take their falcons or other birds on the flight with them. The device is still in the design phase, but falcons are already permitted on a number of Middle Eastern airlines like Etihad, which is based in Abu Dhabi. The birds wear hoods and are tethered down to the passenger to prevent them from flying around. They can also be checked baggage.

Read more at The Daily Mail.

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