Jetman flies over Dubai

Swiss national Yves Rossy, a former fighter pilot and a Guinness record holder, is known as “Jetman.” He has performed countless stunts before, but is now flying high over the UAE. He teamed up with Dubai to fly above the beautiful terrain. In the video, he is equipped with a pair of jet-propelled wings where he takes part in a formation flight with Hungarian aerobatics champion Veres Zoltan. He names the experience a “culmination of decades of fulfilling a childhood dream through technological innovation, determination, teamwork and courage.” On the UAE’s 43rd National Day, the ex-Swiss Air Force pilot took to the sky.

Jetman flies over Dubai with four-engine wings, using joysticks that are tapped into his hand grips. He flies at a speed of over 124 miles per hour while weighed down with 120 pounds worth of wings on his back. He has flown over the Swiss Alps in 2008, crossed the English Channel and traveled above the Grand Canyon and Rio’s Christ the Redeemer. He has also flown over Mount Fuji. Watch the video, it is worth it.

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