Middle Eastern Millennials, Chapter Sex (Beirut/Dubai, Male)

Getting to know millennials across the Middle East.
How old are you?
Where is your family from?
Where do you live now?
What industry do you work in?
What religion do you practice?
My father is Christian Maronite and I’ve been brought up as one, although my mother is a Sunni Muslim. I do not practice any religion.
What is your sexual orientation?
Are you single, married or dating?
How religious would you say you are, and why do you think you feel this way?
I am not at all religious. I believe my upbringing between diverse faiths has shown me that there is little difference in character between people – all people are the same, regardless of which doctrine they were born under.
Where do you live and what is it like to date there?
Dubai. It is know to be very liberal here, as the population is diverse and consists mainly of expats. People are very sexually liberated, and dating is normal.
Do you feel like your engagement with sexuality and dating is influenced more by your family or your friends?
I am a product of Western popular culture as much as I am of a product of my society. I’d say that pop culture influenced me more than my parents did.
Do you date within your religion only? Your sect?
No, religion is not a criteria I use to select a mate.
Are your friends mostly Muslim, Christian, Jewish etc?
My friends are diverse, and I do not choose friends based on their faiths.
Are you a virgin?
Were you sexual despite being a virgin (when you were a virgin)?
Before I had sex, I had a longtime girlfriend with whom I was taking steps towards getting into bed with her. It took a while but we enjoyed every step of the way.
At what age did you lose it? Was it a difficult decision?
18. The only difficulty was convincing my girlfriend to lose her virginity to me. I had no hesitation.
Were you in a relationship or was it random?
Did you have any feelings of guilt afterwards or did you feel liberated?
I was very happy to have crossed that bridge. I wasn’t at all guilty nor did I feel liberated. I felt like a champ if anything.
Do you think you want to end up with someone who has similar beliefs as you do? Are your beliefs fundamentally organized religiously?
I got serious with a girl that was a strict Christian, although she was very liberated through our relationship. We had a major breakup because of her strict religious beliefs, and she blames me for all the debauchery we had gotten into. As such, I avoid people who are serious about their beliefs as I want to avoid the arguments.
Do you identify more with other Muslims your own age or do you talk about this stuff with people of different religions/sexual orientations?
I am open to all discussions with all people. I have always prided myself on my diverse group of friends and would talk to them about all subjects.
Does your mom know the answers to these questions? Would your parents be mad at you for this stuff?
My parents and I don’t talk in strict detail about my sex life, but they get the general idea of what I’m up to and they’re OK with it.

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