The Shah says bomb ’em


When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to congress, it obviously drew controversy. One vocal supporter who I am personally confounded by was the Tehran-born Reza Farahan, the Bravo reality TV star from Shahs of Sunset. Mustache and all, the reality show star from Beverly Hills has been vocal before about his disconnection to Iran. He told HuffPost Live that he loves and supports what Netanyahu is doing. “If he wants to bomb Iran, I’m totally in support of him” Farahan told Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

He thinks American should have invaded Iran instead of Iraq because the people of Iran would have been more appreciative and even liberated, whereas the Iraqis didn’t want us there. The talk about Iran and Israel has draw controversy with Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu without White House approval, which is working out a negotiation deal with Iran to curb a nuclear arms development. The move comes two weeks before elections in Israel and many stateside think that Netanyahu is using the opportunity to gain support from Israelis back home. President Barack Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu during his visit to Washington, D.C., because it was against administration policy to invite politicians before elections abroad.

Netanyahu criticized the nuclear deal being negotiated currently between Iran and the United States because it wouldn’t preclude Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and claiming that it would threaten Israel. The American left said that Netanyahu’s speech offered nothing new in his argument. Moreover, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told NBC News that a deal might be on the horizon: “We believe we are very close, very close, but we could be very far.” And now, Farahan, who has lived in Beverly Hills since he came to the United States as a child and was born to a Jewish father and his Muslim father, explains that he thinks sanctions along with bombing is the right thing to do. He especially thinks they want to be free.

Although I think Reza is an important figure on American television, I think he has it wrong. I genuinely like him as a character, as an immigrant, as a minority and as a person, but I just think he has it wrong. I think he is projecting his own experiences onto the current affairs which is dangerous and irresponsible. The controversy is complex and the negotiations have a lot of international implications. I am not convinced that Reza’s knowledge is equal to his platform.

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