Kurdish pop diva sings anti-ISIS

Let’s get real. It is pretty cool to have a pop singer feature a poor Kurdish village on the edge of total Jihadi war. Helly Luv, the Kurdish pop diva, serves us all a fresh anti-ISIS ballad to really send a message to the group.

It was filmed in Al-Khazr, and the song is called “Revolution”. She is on a mission to show the world who the peshmerga forces are, who Daesh (Arabic for ISIS) is, and to encourage Kurdistan and the rest of the world to rise up against the terror and injustice of it all.

Born Helan Abdulla in Iran, Helly Luv’s music video is basically a string of anti-war lyrics drenched in Middle Eastern flare. Her grandfather fought for the peshmerga and she fled Iraq with her family to escape Saddam Hussein. After being raised in Finland, she moved to LA to pursue her career.

Take a look at her video and get into it.

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